Day 01 Letter – Your best friend

I have been blessed with some amazing friends, all of whom have stood by me, in good times and in bad.  At different times in my life, I have had different “best friends”, and have been able to cull out people I thought were “best friends” when, as it turned out, they were only there for the good times.  So, for my 3 closest friends, here goes:

Dear SA:

We live far apart from eachother, and only see eachother every 7 years or so (grrr!), but I know you are always there, and I’m always there for you (as your conscience and reality check…tee hee!). Who knew that our (then) boyfriends abandoning us in town while they went skiing, would lead to a lifelong connection?  We’ve seen eachother through relationships, jobs, high points and low points.  You’re my sister from another mother. 

Dear KG:

Just before and after my marriage split, I don’t know what I would have done without your support, encouragement and wisdom.  Your daily phone calls were what helped me continue to be a great mother during a very hard time.  I hope that I wasn’t too much of an emotional drain on you.  I only hope to return the favour of supporting you even half as much as you have supported me over the past few years – although, I hope to NEVER have to call the police on your behalf…but I will if I need to. 😉

Dear AS:

You know I don’t do “sappy” (even though I have moments of being “girlie”) but you are the person I turn to with good news, silly news, dull and boring details, frustrating situations, and especially the hard news.  Neither of us knew where “we” were going, especially with my impending move out of town, but we’re good with where we are, and that’s all that matters.  You’re a good man, and one whom I can rely on to always have your Spidey-sense tingling. 😉  Thank goodness for our “My 5” phone plan!  LOL!



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