Gratitude Project – 12/22

I’m not sure where this week has gone. I have been pretty good at keeping on track with Christmas preparations, and yet I haven’t found the time to blog much. Oh well.

With the holiday season officially upon us, we should all take a moment to be thankful for what we have rather than aiming for the “perfection” we believe is expected by others. All that matters is being around family and friends, those we love. Everything else is just “stuff” and can be replaced.

This week, I’m thankful for:

  • My son and daughter
  • My mom
  • My man and his continuous surprises (even though I don’t like surprises, but he’s helping me with that!)
  • My CAA membership – used it for the 2nd time in over a week. Ugh.
  • Being able to be home when my son needed to miss 2 days of school this week because he’s sick, poor little guy
  • Kids Tylenol, grape flavoured specifically – bubble gum didn’t go over well 😉
  • Both my kids being able to ride the Christmas kids train, and sitting on Santa’s knee, without any issues or meltdowns
  • My kids BOTH being on a sleepover last weekend – my daughter has done it a number of times, but it was the first time for my son…and I didn’t get a panic phone call in the middle of the night! Such an amazing achievement for my son!

Be sure to take some time over the upcoming craziness that is the holidays to just sit back (with a warm cup of tea), and recognize the wonder that is the Christmas season.



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