Fill in the Blanks Friday, with a theme…ugh!

Ugh. This week’s “Fill in the Blank Friday” from The Little Things We Do has a theme, to honour their 4 year wedding anniversary. Officially, congrats!  I remember those days of being happily married. I sometimes even miss those days. But if you’ve ever read my blog, you know my feelings towards being out of my marriage, so this is a tough one to complete.  I’m not really a “reflect on love and relationships” kind of girl.  My man and I “work” because neither of us are interested in getting married again, nor do we feel the need to define our relationship. We just “are”, and we “are” very good together.  So, here goes…

1.   Love is completely blind, and not just because there’s a famous saying that says so (who coined the phrase anyway?). When you are in love, you are blind to someone’s weaknesses or even worse, to your reactions to them…and hopefully that isn’t a dangerous thing. You need to trust yourself and your instincts before you can know that you are truly in love – wow…that almost sounded wise.

2.   Being in love feels like comfort. Knowing we are there for eachother, for good things and stressful situations.  My man stuck around and supported me through the months leading up to, the day of, and recovery after my first surgery.  I learned tons about him and his character throughout that time…he’s definitely a keeper!

3.  My favorite quote about love is…hmmm, honestly, I had to Google “quotes about love”. I’m not very “girlie” about love. My belief is that you either are in love, or you aren’t. No need to discuss it at great length. You either smile when you see his name on your call display or in your inbox, or you don’t.  If you roll your eyes when you see his name pop up, it’s past the time to finish.  So, in my 2 minutes Google search, I came across a quote from Marilyn Monroe that made me smirk: “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left”.  Yup, I’m cynical…but at least I admit it, and my man accepts it (plus, he may be a bit cynical too…so that helps).

4. The most important thing in a relationship is not something I have figured out yet. I could say the standard “communication”, “respect for eachother”, “make eachother laugh”, and also knowing yourself, but I haven’t actually mastered it…mind you, my man has stuck around for a while now so either we’re both bad at it together, or I may have inadvertently done something right in the last year, but I don’t want to jinx it.

5.  A “deal breaker” for me in a relationship is abuse. Does it really need explanation beyond that?
6.  The way I show love in my relationships is between my man and I, plus there’s the occasional surprise delivery of Coke…makes him happy.

7.  I love …do I really need to say it?  He knows who he is.



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