First snowfall = thwap!

A couple nights ago, we got the first snowfall of the season that actually coated the ground a bit.  We woke up with a beautifully serene view out our windows, despite my daughter’s squeals of delight almost breaking all our windows.

We did our usual school-day morning routine.  My daughter ran out to the end of the laneway to meet her bus and, then my son and I went out to drive to the nearby city for his IBI.  After getting my son all bundled up in his snowgear, we went outside and walked to my sexy mini-van.

The next thing I knew, I heard a “thwap!” and felt an impact on my lower back.  I turned around to see my son excitedly forming a 2nd snowball to throw at me.  Busted!  He may need help getting his own snowgear on, but he’s really quick to create a snowball and has great aim!

Needless to say, we spent a few minutes in a playful snowball fight before clearing off the snow from my sexy mini-van and getting to IBI.  So what that we were 2 minutes late for IBI.  It’s always important to make time for a snowball fight!



3 thoughts on “First snowfall = thwap!

  1. What a fun post! It is so important to have fun, it ‘s so easy to get caught up with running to therapies and doctor appointments! The truth is they are just kids! Plus it’s great practice for the fine and gross motor systems!! Lol!! Enjoy your snow!

  2. So true! I think we often get busy in the hustle and bustle we forget to have some fun. Thank goodness our kids can remind us!

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