You Might Be An Autism Parent If… Part 2

For the last week or so, there has been a GREAT hashtag on Twitter that I’ve been following and retweeting often… “You Might Be An Autism Parent If…”.  I blogged last week with some great endings to that statement, and here are some great new ones: 

  • you are dreading listening to your crazy relatives non helpful and misinformed input during the holidays. @tiredx6
  • you want to write a book about your “adventures in autism” @JennyBK74
  • your worn out by 8 am but know your child doesn’t get back in bed until 9 pm. @richkid947
  • you realize at bedtime that you fed everyone dinner but yourself. @MomtoBoyWonder
  • watching Christmas movies as a family is an affair that involves trampolines. @TheSlackrMom
  • U feel U need 2 educate others about the spectrum & why U R child does what he does. He’s not being rude or bad. @TheJourney_1
  • you have to resist feeling smug if an NT child does something inappropriate & your child didn’t @FroggyPrinceMom
  • you’re completely exhausted. All the time. @WonderfullyFi

Some of my own contributions:

  • you can NEVER run out of Melatonin.
  • you always hear “I don’t know how you do it”…he’s my son, that’s how.
  • you will always remember your first verbal argument with your child.
  • you have been changing diapers for years, and years, and years.

Most of all…

  • you simply can’t die. EVER. @JennyBK74, @diaryofamom



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