Google Found Me How?!

Every so often, I just NEED to share with you the Google search terms that result in people visiting my blog. Some are funny, and some are just plain “ewwww!”. Here are some searches that have resulted in people coming to my blog in the last month: 

Under the “Awww!” Category:

  • Hugs for growth – still amazes me how much money went into finding out that hugging is a good thing…and getting 14 hugs a day is optimal
  • Positive mommy quotes – LOVE that someone found my blog with this search term. I hope I helped!
  • Quotes on how to be single and happy – yay! Fake it until you make it, baby!
  • Freckles and redheads hot – why, thank you! For some reason though, I think this search might have searching for something other than a mommy blog…just sayin’.
  • Domesticated Mommy – ha! Have you fooled!
  • Happily divorced – just waiting to file the paperwork…but in my mind, I am happily divorced! 

Under the “Ummm…what?! Why did you find my blog with this search term” Category:

  • My son steals my daughters diaper – do I want to know if it was a clean or soiled diaper? Don’t think so.
  • Marriage – why on earth are you looking to me to learn anything about marriage? I know nothing…just ask my ex-husband. Wait. Please don’t.
  • Babies get high – Should I call Childrens’ Aid Society, or are you? And why on earth would that search term bring you to MY blog? I’m almost offended by this.  For the record, I do NOT support babies getting high!
  • Quotes on how to start a relationship – um, again…don’t ask me! I’m shocked (but happy!) my man is still around!
  • Don’t like your status – then don’t read it
  • Negative single parent quotes – who is researching this on Google? What are you planning on learning?
  • I am not your mother anymore – amen, sister!
  • I’m not the mothering type – I REALLY hope my kids never say this about me!
  • Vaginal myomectomy – ahhh…been there, done that…and am SSOOO glad!  Highly recommend it for anyone with a uterine fibroid.

Under the Ewwww! Category:

  • Mom son sexy stories – ummm…ewwww!

What I do find cool though, is when people actually search for different variations of “ImAMomToo” and find my blog – yay!


4 thoughts on “Google Found Me How?!

  1. I get my share of the Mom/ Son sex/ suck/ @$%^ searches too- that kind of freaks me out considering the last time I tried to find what post it was pulling I went 30+ pages before I couldn’t stomach the search results anymore and gave up. Someone paged through 30+ pages before they decided my page was a good one to click on…gross. I finally figured out is a was a post I had “Fxxx Autism” in the SEO. I’m sure a post about the perils of autism wasn’t what they were looking for :/ I guess I learned my lesson about using my favorite swear word on the old blog.

    • Totally understand! I’m always amazed at how “interesting” and “thought-provoking” certain posts are with spammers for me. Posts such as fav movies and songs. Glad spammers are enthralled by those! 😉

  2. Ha, wonderful. It makes you wonder what the vast majority of people do with their time on line. I’ve not had any really gross ones, some strange ones that have nothing to do with what I have been writing about.
    Great blog topic, I hope to hear some more from other people!

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