You Might be an Autism Parent If…

Gotta love Twitter! It’s giving me lots to work with in the last week…including a GREAT trending hashtag: “YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf…”. I’ve now “met” so many other Tweeps in the Autism community, I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone more. The following are some of the tweets I especially appreciated:

You Might Be an Autism Parent If:

  • your child has taught you more about love, life and what truly matters, than the other way around. @Soundless2
  • you wouldn’t change your child for the world – but want often to change the World for your child!  @helenhamill
  • U discover chunk of skin is missing from his pinky & u find the chunk stuck in between the closet doors. He didn’t cry. @yupcom
  • “It takes a village to raise a child” takes on a whole new meaning @trydefyinggravity
  • you know the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown and can explain it @GPKRacing
  • you say “try again”, “use your words”, “first this-then this”, “nice hands”, “good waiting” 1000x a day.  @AutismPinoy
  • ifurheart hurts b/c not only does he have 2 overcome more. He also has 2 learn ppl will treat him badly for it  @ErronA
  • hearing your child say “I’m sad” makes you secretly happy they were able to express an emotion!  @Calormom
  • it is unfathomable to go on an outing in shoes you can’t run in @FroggyPrinceMom
  • swings, trampolines &/ or obstacle courses are main pieces in your home’s decor. @Kristin Macchi
  • you have heard more often than not “I don’t know how you do it” or “you must be exhausted” #notcomplimentspeople @LLA_Princess (so true! Just makes us realize how tired we are!)
  • you know that potty training is a multi-year project. @texascanadasean

My responses…You Might Be an Autism Parent If:

  • You can’t secure fulltime work because no one will look after your child afterschool.
  • You walk into a new venue and “see” what will trigger meltdowns and overstimulations for your child, whether or not they are with you.
  • You explain to anyone new coming to your home that your 6yo son will probably be walking around in his diaper.
  • You fake being interested in what “advice” someone who doesn’t have a child with Autism offers because they met ONE child with Autism, 10 years ago, and therefore they know everything about Autism.
  • You can’t remember the last time you slept an entire night.
  • You LOVE Melatonin!
  • You never think you’ll be partnered again because no man will want to take on the extra responsibilities of Autism (and yet I found one!!)
  • You put off your own surgery until your child can understand NOT to jump on mommy during recovery.


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