Writing Prompt: Top 100 Lies

Twitter has been having some great hashtags lately, that I have paid attention to and find amusing…the other day, I blogged about I Knew It Was Over When.

Today, I came across another trending hashtag: #Top 100 Lies. Some I found that I thought were amusing and/or truthful: .  

  • I’ll be there in 5 mins. @funnyorfact
  • I can live without Twitter. @CodyDaily
  • It’s so easy to say Goodbye. @twitteels
  • I’ll never hurt you again. @SheWant_French
  • I have read & agreed to the Terms & Condition. @LiveLoveJelena
  • I just dyed my hair red! Now I’m a ginger!!” @GingerProblems (Ha! Ha! Doesn’t work…us natural gingers/redheads are true to the core!)
  • I’ll always be there for you. @cuhl

In my experience, some of the Top 100 Lies should include:

  • My door will always be open for you, even when your heart gets broken. (said by my ex who won’t even make eye contact with me anymore!)
  • My door is always open. (said by a manager whose door was almost always closed)
  • I finished the document but I can’t get it off my computer. (yeah, right. Good thing you earn a living on a computer)
  • I’m not a player? Why would you say that?! (besides the fact that it’s written all over you? I actually asked a first date this within the first 5mins of the date.)
  • You’re my soulmate. (yeah, right. I was told this AFTER the relationship was done!)

PS – check out @Unique_Blend’s list of top 100 lies – he actually listed 100!!

What would be some of your top 100 lies?


One thought on “Writing Prompt: Top 100 Lies

  1. * It’s not you, it’s me (Translation: of *course* it’s you.)
    * I’m sick (Translation: I feel perfectly fine, but I’m skiving off work today).
    * This is the best sex I’ve ever had (Translation: This is the best sex I’ve had today).
    * The cheque is in the mail (Translation: I forgot all about the cheque but I’ll mail it as soon as I get my ass off the phone).
    * So-and-so must have not received my email (Translation: I must have not sent the email).

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