Writing Prompt: “I knew it was over when…”


Just saw what I think is a great writing prompt on Twitter: “I Knew It Was Over When…”.  Some responses I read that I find amusing and/or truthful. I knew it was over when…

  • u began to treat me like an option instead of a priority. @iTweetFacts
  • being apart was actually a relief. @bashrafi
  • you stopped smiling everytime you saw me. @Its_Stewie
  • you replied with a “k” to my long text. @Londonanddreams
  • we argued more than we loved…and everyone could see it. @CallMeAuburn
  • you said you don’t like Harry Potter. @LovelyLestrange
  • us not talking to each other was a form of escapism from your constant nagging. @halfbrown79
  • the relationship started to cause me more pain than happiness. @iTruzie
  • I asked your goals and you said to be maintained. @Kashanova23
  • you went from in a relationship to single on Facebook. @jayfrink1988


Here are my contributions, based on my experience.  “I knew it was over when…”

  • You prioritized a computer screen over me
  • You texted me saying “I have something to tell you but I don’t know where to start”. My response was “Let me know when you do”. Relationship done.
  • I apologized to you for YOUR actions
  • My friends started commenting on how you treated me
  • I called 9-1-1
  • I realized I deserved to be “seen”


Wow!  This makes me SSOOOO thankful to have my man now!  🙂


 How would you finish “I knew it was over when…”



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