Meet Me On Monday – 11/14


Another writing prompt from Momma T and Baby E

1.  Does your family/friends know about your blog?

Anyone who is on my personal Facebook page, knows about my blog because I post it on there too.  I think the only person in my family who doesn’t know about it is my dad…because he’s refuses to be on Facebook.
2.  What is your favorite card game?

I have fond memories of playing Cribbage and Double Solitaire with my grandfather.  I also recently learnt how to play poker with some friends…and actually won the pot the first time we played!  My friends said I had a great poker place…easy to do when one has no idea what they are doing! 😉
3.  What do you wear to bed? 

PJ pants with tanktop, t-shirt, or long-sleeve t-shirt, depending on the time of year, and weather.
4.  What is your favorite kind of French Fry?

I really like making spicy French fries but honestly, I don’t make them often. McDonald’s is my fav otherwise.
5.  What is your usual bed time?

I would like to say that my usual bedtime is 10pm but it seems to be closer to midnight…sigh.



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