3 Things That Say A Lot About Someone

Saw this button on Facebook yesterday and, after some thought, I realized that yes, these are 3 things that do in fact tell a lot about a person…not sure what, but telling nevertheless.

So, how do I handle…

1) A rainy day?  Silently cursing the weather and hoping my sexy minivan will work…where is my Sugar Daddy to pay for all the maintenance that I’ve discovered is famous for my type of minivan after 200K?  Then, I make sure the kids are all bundled up so they don’t get wet, throw on a jacket and head out the door.  Most times, I pay attention to what shoes I’m wearing…sneakers vs 3″ heels but there are occasional times when I find myself stuck in a rainstorm in heels.  Notice the typical mom-thing to do of making sure the kids are covered, while I’m becoming a drowned rat without an umbrella, but occasionally have great looking heels! 😉

2) Lost luggage?  This has actually happened to me once.  My luggage didn’t transfer planes when I did so I found myself in Sudbury, Ontario the night before making a major presentation to about 100 people without a change of clothes AND everything in town was closed until the next morning.  So, I silently cursed the situation, pointed it out to the airline and, unfortunately, because my trip was so short in Sudbury, (about 30 hours total), my luggage met me in the next leg of my journey in Ottawa, Ontario.  So, I had to make my major presentation in the clothes I arrived in (jeans and a sweater), made a joke about it when I met with the conference coordinator and to the audience (something about if the conference didn’t start before the local mall opened, the audience wouldn’t have known anything was wrong, etc), and continued with my presentation.

3) Tangled Christmas tree lights?  The first year I had my own Christmas tree lights as an adult, I just threw them into a bin and packed them away for the following year.  When I pulled them out, I silently cursed them, tried untangling them, gave up, came back to them, gave up again, came back to them, etc.  Took me about 2 days to untangle them but I got them in the end.  Before packing them away that year, I wrapped them around some cardboard from the packaging from presents and stored them away for the following year.  Much easier.

Hmmm…so what do these 3 situations say about me?  I silently curse things, persevere and get the job done.  Not bad!

How would you handle these situations?



3 thoughts on “3 Things That Say A Lot About Someone

  1. I love these!! Seems like you handle things pretty well!! I have found that I’m so much happier when I go with the rain, accept the luggage and throw out the Christmas lights and start over!! Lol! So nice to find you on Triber!! What a great site! I’m now happily following you!

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