30 Days About Me: Day 29 – Who has gotten me through the most


Day 29- Who has gotten you through the most?

My mom, KG, and my kids.  I don’t know how I would have gotten through my separation without the support of my mom and KG, and HAVING to get out of bed to look after my kids.  The local Womens’ Centre and my doctor’s office were also amazing resources to help me through.

I spent the first year after the end of my marriage purely in “survival mode”, and now that we are settled into my hometown and are coming up on two years of separation, I’m able to “breathe”, start focusing on my mental and spiritual well-being, and healing from the breakdown of my marriage.  I still have to ensure we are fed, clean and clothed, but I’m also able to do daily reflections, journaling, just plain “being”, listing daily “thankfuls”, and asking Spirit for guidance.

Who has gotten you through the tough times?


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