30 Days About Me: Day 27- Worst Habit

Day 27- Worst Habit

My worst habit is emotional eating.  If I’m bored, lonely or stressed, out comes the food…usually Jalapeno Cheddar Doritos.  With the end of my marriage, I should have bought stocks in Doritos!  Not sure how I did it but in the first year after the end of marriage, I somehow LOST 20lbs while eating primarily Doritos and pizza…go figure.  Start feeling better and more stronger, start eating healthier and gained the weight back so I’m back at a healthier weight for me again.

Thankfully, over time, I’ve discovered that I can substitute Doritos for carrots and spicy hummus.  I still indulge in Doritos occasionally, but try to stick with carrots and spicy hummus…healthier and cheaper too. 😉

What is your worst habit?


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