30 Days About Me: Day 26 – Fav Clothing Stores

Day 26- Favourite clothing store.

I’m not really a “shopping” kind of girl.  I don’t find enjoyment in shopping, especially for clothing.  I only go shopping when I need something.  Those damn mirrors don’t reflect reality! 

My favourite clothing store is Reitmans (hint, hint PR people at Reitmans!).  Their tagline “Designed for real life” is so true! They actually fit my curves, AND the “tall” clothing is actually tall enough for me!

Having said that, I ONLY buy pants and jeans at Reitmans.  Everything else, I get at Salvation Army…and my little secret is that I look for the Reitmans label on each item.  It’s amazing what people give to the Salvation Army, sometimes only because it’s no longer the fashion for that season. I don’t keep up with fashion anyway so, if I like it, I buy it.  Plus, if I don’t like it after a season or two, I don’t feel bad donating it back to the Salvation Army.  Shoes are GREAT there too.  Some of my most complimented shoes were from the Salvation Army and I only paid $5 – $10 for them! Who would have thought? 😉

The “trick” though with buying second hand is to go back often and not to rush.  Don’t go in when you have only 5mins as you won’t have time to try anything on and, because the items are second hand, you need to try it on.  Someone else has washed them, shrunken them, broken them in, so you need to test it out first.  

Now, if only I could find yoga pants that fit properly…anywhere…  😉


2 thoughts on “30 Days About Me: Day 26 – Fav Clothing Stores

  1. Hey,
    I meant to tell you ages ago that the new Reitman’s at Walmart in Guelph is/was hiring. I was thinking that you would be great for that job and then I saw your post today…too funny!

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