Best Disagreement EVER!


My son and I had our first VERBAL disagreement last night…EVER!  I didn’t recognize the enormity of discussion until reflecting upon my day last night.  It was a very simple discussion:

My son stood in the doorway of the kitchen and said “Bedtime”

Me: “No hunny, it’s bathtime for you.”

My son: “No. Bedtime.”

Me: “No hunny. First bathtime, then bedtime.”

My son: “Bedtime”

Me: “Sweetheart, I’m glad you’re using your words, but first bathtime, then bedtime” and off we went for bathtime.

Very simple. Not a huge deal necessarily BUT this was a discussion between me and my amazing 6 year old son who has Autism, and up until at least 6 months ago, fell under the “non-verbal” classification.  Not only was he initiating conversation, he was stating his preference and trying to convince me to follow through with his preference. 

I don’t think I will ever be so happy as I was last night to “argue” with anyone…especially my son!


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