22 Things I’ve Never Done

This post was written in response to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt:

“Follow the template I copied from The Pioneer Woman without her permission and list 22 things you’ve never done.”  So, here goes…  

I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve never…

1.  Done my own taxes

2.  Visited the Canadian prairies (well, other than a couple stop-overs at Calgary airport – it was nice…Starbucks…)

3.  Been to the Canadian Maritimes

4.  Had really short hair – the shortest I’ve done is chin-length. Mistake.

5.  Ridden in a hot air balloon

6.  Fired a gun – although I wouldn’t mind trying it some day, at a shooting range though

7.  Played golf (mini-putt doesn’t count) but I would like to learn

8.  Surfed

9.  Gone to prom

 10. Skydived, and I’m ok with that

11. Gotten a tattoo but I’ll admit I’ve thought about it

12. Read the Bible. I did a project in high school where we had to select multiple books and relate a passage from the Bible to those books. I asked a girlfriend what passage would best “fit”, she told me, we looked up the passage (I couldn’t even figure out how to look it up!) in the Bible and used it.  To this day, that is the closest I’ve ever come to reading the Bible.

13. I have never eaten caviar…nor do I plan on it.

14. Gone on a cruise, but I would like to!

15. Ran a marathon, and I have no intension of taking up running. I trip over my feet walking, why would I complicate things with running? Stiletto heels however…no problem!

16. Won the lottery…dammit!

17. Attended high school graduation – I was on the other side of the country at university, and just couldn’t “validate” the expense of coming back for a weekend, compared to coming back for a week over Christmas.

18. Worn skinny jeans. I don’t want to see my curves in them!

19. Ridden on a mechanical bull – I have posed for a pic on one, but haven’t actually ridden it.

20. Been married in a church

21. Dyed my hair

22. Received over 200 comments on a blog post – one day…sigh…

What haven’t you done? 



2 thoughts on “22 Things I’ve Never Done

  1. I am right there with you except for 4. always had short hair…its a big longer now; 14 -just went on my first cruise this past summer…you gotta do it, nothing else compares, and 21 -dyed my hair….at 64, its the only way i look younger. and feel better….All the rest I have never done…some I dont want to do either….and to add some – I never learned to play the piano, want to and I guess it is never to late…..

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