30 Days About Me: Day 18 – Wedding Talk

Day 18- Wedding Talk

(share stories, photos, both, anything having to do with your wedding, the one you had or the one you dream of)

We had a small wedding – only 50 in attendance – at my parents’ farm. Family only for the ceremony, followed by afternoon tea with friends and family.  The last guest left at 5pm, which was great for me because I was really sick, and was in bed within minutes.

At one point during the afternoon, my mom told me we had to cut the cake quickly because everyone was leaving.  Then one of the guests went running through the house, excitedly saying “come on! We’re going to the barn!”.  I chuckled, shook my head and thought to myself “such a bunch of city slickers”. 😉

Everyone got along so well in the informal setting that no one noticed when my new husband, my dad and I left.  We went to the local nursing home where my grandmother lived to have photos taken.  She was far along in Alzheimer’s by then, but was very excited to see us all dressed up.

Some guests dressed up; others were casual.  There wasn’t any pomp and circumstance.  Tons of food and lots of merriment.  It was a very good day!

The irony of this posting is that it’s actually on my wedding anniversary…yup, made it to 8 years.  The fact that we’ve been separated for almost 2 years, brings it to 8 years because we aren’t legally divorced…yet. 😉



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