30 Days About Me: Day 12 – Things I’m Obsessive About

Day 12- Something you are obsessive about

Even before having kids and my son’s Autism diagnosis, I’ve always been very routine-based, but some things I’m obsessive about are:

  • Playdoh colours CANNOT be mixed
  • DVDs and videos HAVE to be alphabetized
  • If there’s a placemat on a table, the bottom of the cutlery HAS to be 1” from the bottom of the placemat
  • The volume (for the TV, mp3 player, etc) has to be at an EVEN number, or one that ends in a 5
  • The inside of my microwave has to ALWAYS be clean
  • Pictures can’t be crooked on the wall
  • Have to open bags or boxes of food at the top…do NOT open them at the bottom
  • When I attend a public event, I have to scan the event space for potential risks and all the exits before I can enjoy myself – a “hazard” of being a former event planner I guess
  • I cannot write with a black pen…it actually “hurts” me when I have to fill out official forms using black ink

What are you obsessive about?



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