30 Days About Me: Day 8 – Something I Hate

Day 8- Something You Hate

Last month’s “30 Days About Me” included a list of pet peeves.  Personally, I don’t like the term “hate”.  There are things and situations (ok, perhaps a person or two) that aggravate and frustrate me, but at the end of the day, I love my kids more than I can hate anything or anyone. Hatred takes up too much space in my measly brain, and energy which I don’t have in excess.


The one situation I can recall hating was when a professional who claimed to be an “expert” in Special Needs asked me if my son would ever “grow out of Autism“.  From that moment onwards, I dreaded every interaction with this professional because I knew that they were out to prove how much they knew, rather than helping my son.  Please understand that if someone who isn’t in the field (ie: the “layperson”) were to ask me the same question, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash about it, and I would explain that more than likely, my son will learn behaviours and cues, and how to react to them so he will be able to function at a higher and more “acceptable” level.  A professional who claims to be an “expert” however, shouldn’t even be thinking of, let alone asking that question.


What is something you hate?


One thought on “30 Days About Me: Day 8 – Something I Hate

  1. It is amazing how so many of us autism-moms have the same type of experiences. I had a therapist once ask me to tell her what my youngest was thinking. I thought to myself, that was why I was sending h to her to try to figure it out. Needlesstosay I changed therapists shortly after that encounter.

    By the way I don’t like the word hate either. Not becasue it is not an appropriate emotion at times, but becasue it takes too much of our energy that we need to put to more positive pursuits, like helping our children.

    Like the 30 days of me idea…I always tell parents that they are entitled to think fo their own personhood which is something that they tend to forget. Great blog ideas….keep it going.

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