30 Days of Me: Day 6 – Most Treasured Items

Day 6- Most Treasured Items

I have a few items that are VERY sentimental for me.

The item with the highest sentimental value to me is a gold locket my mom gave me for my birthday after my kids were born. I started crying I was so touched when she gave it to me. It has 2 hearts on the front, and my kids’ names and their birthdate engraved on the back. One day, I plan on putting their pictures in it; my son’s on my left side of the locket when it opens up, and my daughter’s photo on the right side…just as they were in utero. It’s one of those little things that will mean so much when I get around to it, but for some reason, has never made it to the top of my priority list.

3 other items are very sentimental for me:

  1. my flute – my maternal grandfather gave it to me on his last day of one of his annual visits fromEngland. I had just started learning how to play in Grade 7 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only is it a gift from someone who meant the world to me, it also represents the amazing experiences I was fortunate to have while performing in 2 bands and 1 orchestra, including touring in Montreal, Quebec City, England, Denmark and Sweden.
  2. a small pink floral trinket – my biological grandfather gave it to me to have something from his deceased wife (my biological grandmother). Unfortunately, he and I were reunited after her passing so I never met her but it means so much to me to have something from that part of my biological history.
  3. a show-box with a toy jeep and a Toronto Raptor’s keychain with a tiny key attached – when I went off to university, I joked with my little brother about how much he would miss me (I was moving across the country!) so, in his tough-boy way he said that he would buy me a car if he cried after I left.  I didn’t hear anything about it afterwards, and had forgotten this promise until I opened my present from him when I came back for Christmas in my first year of university. Again, I started crying because I knew what this little toy car meant without him having to remind me.  Our parents were a little confused until I explained it to them, but I will treasure it forever.  Who says boys can’t be sentimental? 😉

What is/are your most treasured item(s)?


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