Looking for YOUR Autism Story

After my son FINALLY started IBI therapy in September, I had an epiphany: Autism stories are as varied as the Autism spectrum itself (shocking!).  So, to celebrate Autism Awareness Month in Canada, I’m putting the call out for guest posts (you don’t have to be a blogger, a professional blogger, a writer, etc) to help share our stories with eachother.  We can all learn from eachother and the only way to do that is by sharing.

So, please contact me if you:

  • Your child/grandchild has Autism
  • You support (through a family or friend connection) a child/adult with Autism
  • You yourself live with Autism

Some prompts to help the writing juices start:

  • My diagnosis story
  • My search for services
  • My journey with the school board
  • How I manage the appointments
  • How I manage the paperwork
  • What has “worked” for me and my family
  • What hasn’t “worked” for me and my family
  • What Autism means to me
  • What I wish others would understand

Some of my posts that may help inspire you:

This call for guest posts does NOT end in October. I would love for it to be a year-round thing!  Our learning NEVER stops!

Find me on Twitter at @imamomtoo,  on Facebook or email me at imamomtoo(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested in participating. 



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