“You’ve Got Mail”, in real life!

Do you remember the scene in You’ve Got Mail where Tom Hanks’ character takes his niece and brother to Meg Ryan’s character’s bookstore?  They were walking by and saw a sign for “the Storybook Lady” so they went in. The bookstore was filled with kids and grown ups from the local community.  There was a certain “feeling” to the scene.  My kids and I experienced the same thing last weekend. Gotta love small town!

Was running errands downtown one day last week and I noticed a flyer in a book store window…Clifford, the big red dog was coming in for a reading that weekend.  Yay!  The kids were home with me so, I told them Saturday morning that I had a surprise for them that afternoon.  My daughter started guessing what the surprise was: playdate? Swimming in a friend’s pool? Park? I chuckled at how uncomfortable she is with surprises (not at all like her mother!) and told her that if I told her, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

So, we all climbed into the sexy minivan after lunch, parked in the parking lot behind the book store, and walked towards it…the whole time, my daughter making commentary such as “we’ve never been here before”, “who lives near here?”, etc.  I opened the door to the bookstore, one of the sales people said hello and told us that we were just in time for storytime.  My daughter looked at me and I pointed out “the surprise”.  My son got such a huge smile on his face, and my daughter purposefully walked to the back of the store to meet Clifford

Throughout storytime and afterwards, my daughter was telling Clifford all about her school, the farm, her life.  My son kept hugging Clifford, and grabbing his tail.  It was the cutest thing!  There was a hunt in the store for Clifford bones made of red construction paper for all the kids to get grab bags.  There were even bone-shaped cookies for everyone.

It was a wonderful afternoon.  It felt so small town, and so amazing to be able to share that experience with my kids.



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