30 Days About Me: Day 1 – Favourite Song

Another “30 Days About Me” blog challenge, this one prompted by A Daily Dose of Toni.  Check out this month’s prompts here:  http://juststopscreaming.com/2011/07/30-days-about-me-starts-tomorrow-august-2

In case you missed the last month of “30 Days About Me”, with different prompts, you can catch them here:  https://imamomtoo.wordpress.com/30-days-about-me/


Day 1- Favourite Song

My favourite song is pretty much whatever I’m listening to at that moment on the radio.  I have some eclectic favs though…

  • PussyCatDolls’ Buttons: Just can’t sit still when I hear this one
  • Destiny’s Child’s Survivor: My “theme” for 2011
  • Big & Rich’s Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy: Just ‘cuz 😉
  • Tito Puentes’ Oye Como Va: Have performed it live many times and takes me back to those performances. Check out the whistling “flute”
  • Gabriel Faure’s Requiem: Hauntingly beautiful

Well, I said it was eclectic! 😉  What are your favourite songs?



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