30 Days of Me: Day 30 – My Goals

Day 30 – Your goals for the next 30 days

Hmmm…I’ve always found it so difficult to write down goals.  Writing them down makes one accountable to achieve them.  Then to share them…?  That’s even tougher.  So, here goes…

  • Get a good routine down now that school and IBI are in full swing
  • Hang things up on the walls at home. A house doesn’t seem like a “home” without photos and decorations on the walls.
  • Get back into the habit of writing in my journal
  • Get to bed before 11pm at least 2 nights per week

Have you set any goals for October?  What are they?

Check out any days you missed in this 30 Days of Me series:



One thought on “30 Days of Me: Day 30 – My Goals

  1. Goals aren’t something I am so good at writing down either. I’m doing the challenge to and have enjoyed it.

    It is true that photos and other prints do make the walls seem a little more like home. Good luck!

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