30 Days of Me: Day 29 – Dinner Party Guests

Day 29 – List 10 people, dead or alive, you would invite to dinner. Include the dinner menu.

Honestly, I’ve been dreading this post for the whole month!  I’m drawing a complete blank on this one.  Do I invite all hotties (it’s my party and I can drool if I want to)?  Intellectuals?  Academics?  Inspirational speakers?  Sports figures (wait, I don’t follow sports anymore)?  Business leaders?  Politicians?  Stay at home parents?  Parents of kids with special needs, or neurotypical kids?  People from all over the world, or only those in Canada?  All men or all women?  Dead or alive?

At the end of great reflection, I still can’t determine who I would invite BUT, I was toying with the idea of inviting my childhood-self and my future-self.  I would then be able to see again where I’ve come from, and where I’m going.  Might be nice to invite my childrens’ future-selves too; to see who they become, and be able to fully support them in that journey.

In regards to the menu, I’m not sure about that either, but if I’m inviting past and future selves and my kids’, I would lean towards old family favourites, which include my Great, Great Aunt Elsie’s casserole (a recipe she created and  actually has measurements in pounds!), and my infamous pumpkin loaf, that my kids have grown up on.

Who would you invite to your dinner party?



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