The Shoes Make The Woman

I read the blog posted last night by The Clothespring Adventures of a WAHM entitled “Shoes I Wish I Could Rock”.  My ex-husband is 2” shorter than me, so I was always conscious of how much taller I was than him, especially when the occasion required high heels.  I visited dear friends in Vancouver, and had an eye-opening discussion with a very wise friend, who stated that a woman is never completely “finished” unless she has fantastic shoes. (For the record, this wise friend is a heterosexual male friend).  I then started noticing that certain outfits “required” a certain height of heel and style of shoe.

I don’t have a shoe obsession…I own less than 20 pairs of shoes (not bad for a female, if I may say!), but I do have very specific heels, none of which are lower than 2.5”.  Ok, I may have had a “ceremony” getting rid of any heels I owned that were lower than that after my ex and I split…tee hee.

Now that I’m a SAHM though, I hardly ever have the opportunity to wear anything other than my Crocs, because then I can still chase the kids:


 But I REALLY miss wearing these shoes that I bought a few months ago, with the tallest heels I’ve bought so far:


I’m thinking I need a Girls Night Out, and SOON! 😉



2 thoughts on “The Shoes Make The Woman

  1. Love those shoes! I don’t often get to wear nice shoes either, but in my early (pre-kids) years I never wore heals shorter than 3 inches. Now however I am either barefoot or in my Saltwaters.

    • I LOVE those sexy heels too…and so does my 6yo daughter when she wears my shoes around the house. Some people ask me how on earth I can walk around in them. Simple…one step in front of the other. 😉

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