30 Days of Me: Day 26 – If I had a Million Dollars…


Day 26 – If you had a million $ to spend, how would you spend it?

If I had a million dollars to spend, I would:

  • pay off my debt and debt of family and close friends
  • buy a house for us and pay all land taxes (is that possible?)
  • set up education savings plans for my kids
  • go back to university
  • send my mom to university
  • pay for additional supports for my son
  • donate to Autism support services
  • go on an amazing vacation
  • hire a maid (tee hee!)
  • savings! Boring, I know, but need to keep some for a rainy day
  • some people would use the money to earn a degree from one of the online colleges.

What would you do with a million dollars?


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One thought on “30 Days of Me: Day 26 – If I had a Million Dollars…

  1. that’s such a great question! I love what you’d do with it. I’d pay off debt, go to grad school & buy a home among other things. and yes, a maid would be great 😉

    {I’m having a Kate Spade giveaway right now & would love to see you there! amyreneonline.com}

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