30 Days of Me: Day 21 – TV shows


Day 21 – One of your favourite TV shows

Why only one?  I’ll admit, I was channel surfing one day and stumbled upon my fav hottie formerly from the Y&R: Shemar Moore, he got me hooked on Criminal Minds.

Other top TV shows in my mind are:

  • CSI – the original, although it took a bit for me to get used to it without Grisholm
  • House – Dr. House says everything that is politically incorrect, that you’re already thinking anyway
  • Fringe – Two words: Joshua Jackson. Well, he’s the reason I originally started watching it, but I really like it!
  • TLC’s Extreme Couponing  – I actually get a high from watching this show, and am an Extreme Coupon wannabe
  • The Mentalist  – I cannot for the life of me remember how or when I started watching this show but I really like how quirky Patrick Jayne is in the show.
  • Dexter – although I never seem to be able to catch it anymore. May have to borrow the DVDs of the seasons from the library

When I can, I’ll also watch the Y&R but that’s not often…kids are awake when it’s on so I don’t get to see it.

What are your favourite shows?



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