Ladies, please be careful!


Wanted to share a highly uncomfortable situation I experienced on the weekend, in the hopes it might help others.

I was at the gas station on the weekend, sitting in my sexy mini-van while my boyfriend was inside, and some guy walked diagonally across the parking lot next to the gas station. He was kind of making eye contact with me, but trying to hide it a bit. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself “crap, he’s going to ask me out”.  I locked the doors, pulled my cell phone out, and pretended to text someone in the hopes he would just walk by.

The next thing I knew, he was putting his box down 3’ away from the front of my mini van, and he was videotaping me through the front windshield, and then my license plate. I couldn’t believe it! Took my keys out of the ignition (even though my van was off), put one key between my index and middle finger (just in case…), opened my door to move to be closer to other people, and demand to know what the hell he was doing.

Thankfully, just then, my boyfriend came out of the station, saw the guy was video taping me, and screamed “what the f*ck are you doing?!!”  I called 911 while BF kept the guy from running off and, after we were interviewed by the police, the creep was interviewed and forced to erase the video. Creep claimed I was stalking him…(never seen him before in my life) and that he was collecting video “for political reasons”…umm, a few crayons short of a full box I think!

Ladies: Please note that this happened in plain daylight, at 5:30pm, at a gas station at the intersection of two busy streets. I’m thankful that my BF was there and was so proactive in protecting me, and that my kids were at their father’s so they weren’t on the videotape too, even though the police told him to erase it right then and there. 

It was such a strange feeling.  We are under video surveillance all the time (inside and outside stores, etc) but it’s a totally different feeling when you’re watching someone do it without your permission, and by a complete stranger.

So, please be careful.

Pay attention to who’s around you and what they are doing. 

I’m very glad that nothing else happened, but it’s still a highly uncomfortable thing.



6 thoughts on “Ladies, please be careful!

  1. That is scary. However, my husband would get mad at ME if I were to do what you did. He always finds a way to blame me for situations. I think since we have a son, I would have honked the gosh dang horn until someone, anyone looked!

    • That’s too bad that your hubby would blame you. If my kids had been in the van, I would have honked like there was no tomorrow, but I just wanted to get into security cameras view and/or closer to people.

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