Breastfeeding Surprise

This past weekend, the kids and I went to a housewarming party.  As usual, when only women are in a room and each have young children, certain topics are discussed.  With two babies still being breastfed in attendance, the natural progression of the discussion was breastfeeding. 


People are always shocked to learn that I breastfed my twins for a year.  Because they were born early at 35 weeks and my milk didn’t come in for 5 days, my kids had problems latching on (my daughter latched twice, my son once) so I pumped for the year.  I had more than enough milk for one baby, but not enough for two, so my doctor prescribed medication to increase my milk.  I only fed the kids formula for the 9pm feeding, otherwise they received breastmilk.


Throughout the entire conversation, the kids were in the basement playroom.  At one point, my daughter came upstairs to see if “the talking was done”.  She went to look at one of the babies that she thought was being cuddled by her mom, and was surprised to find that the baby was being breastfed.  The look on her face was priceless.  This of course, resulted in a conversation explaining what the baby was doing and why.


Sunday night during bathtime, she was playing with some Barbies and commented how much higher the bathwater was than usual, held her Barbie to stand up and said “the water’s as high as where babies get their milk.”


Out of the mouths of babes…


6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Surprise

  1. I breastfed my twins,too, exclusively. Later when the first set was older a nursing student asked if she could administer some developmental test on the twins for a class she was taking. You, know, evaluating play, stuff like that. Well, when she handed my kids a doll and a baby bottle, they didn’t know what to do with with the bottle. The student marked them accordingly for having “difficulty with pretend play.” Then I realized — they had never seen or used a baby bottle and had no concept of putting it in a doll’s mouth (we didn’t watch much TV back then, either). All they knew, was that babies (like their younger sisters) got fed by momma. The student changed her results accordingly.

  2. LOL! Hadn’t thought of that as a “side effect”. I guess my daughter’s experience last weekend was the opposite…because my kids never latched, they have ONLY known being fed by bottle, without knowing it was filled with breastmilk.

  3. I tell people all the time that after I had my youngest, one of my twins tried nursing him. I had put the baby in a swing to sit while I ran to the bathroom. When I came out my 2 year old was shirtless with the baby on top of him on the floor. They were both crying. Matthew took his shirt off and tried picking the Christopher up and he said “Feed baby”. To this day we still laugh over that one!

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