30 Days of Me: Day 12 – A day in the life…

Day 12 – Bullet your whole day

  • My daughter crawls into bed with me and wakes me up “Good morning Mommy”
  • Cuddles until my alarm goes off at 7am
  • We get up
  • Daughter eats breakfast while I finish packing up the kids lunches.
  • I give her her clothes for the day and let her know she can watch 20 mins of a DVD as long as she gets dressed; she choses Mighty Machines – that’s my girl!
  • Start waking my son up. He pulls the covers over his head after giving me a huge smile
  • I get dressed
  • I remind daughter to get dressed
  • Wake my son up again – his bus is coming in 25 mins!
  • Son finally gets up and I give him his breakfast
  • I remind daughter to get dressed again (she did it yesterday without me having to remind her at all, why isn’t she getting dressed?!!)
  • Mighty Machines goes off
  • Daughter finally gets dressed
  • I dress my son
  • They get their shoes, sweaters and backpacks on
  • We meet my son’s bus
  • Take my daughter to her school
  • Go to library – it was closed. Opens at 10am. Grrr.
  • Go to bank
  • Sat by the river until 10am
  • Went to Early Years Centre for “Something Special” (special needs playgroup) – received many comments from people asking what it’s like to have some time during the day while the kids are at school…I really need a job outside the home!
  • Meeting with local charitable organization
  • Home for shower and lunch – when did it become 2pm?!!!
  • Back to library. Returned books and DVDs. Borrowed more
  • Grocery store
  • Pick up daughter from school
  • Rush home to be there for son’s bus. Phew. No bus on the road, we must have made it.  Stayed in the van as per daughter’s request to wait for son.  Noni knocked on the van window a few minutes later. Son’s bus had already dropped him off and they were in the house. Laughs all around
  • Feed kids snacks
  • Kids jump around on trampoline, wrestle, play while I make dinner
  • Dinnertime (may have included some “bribes” – eat two more and you can have ice cream for dessert, etc)
  • Empty backpacks and fill out school paperwork, calendar and my daytimer
  • DVD and cuddle time
  • Bedtime for my son
  • Bubbles outside with my daughter
  • DVD and cuddle time for my daughter and I
  • Bedtime for my daughter
  • Laundry
  • Snack
  • Check email, Facebook, Twitter, blog
  • Make lunches for next day
  • Tidy up
  • Write blog
  • Talk with someone special
  • Bedtime – damn, when did it become 12midnight?!!



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