30 Days of Me: Day 6 – Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I’m a Libra – sign of balance, and I definitely like balance…even had twins so I would be able to carry one baby on each hip. 😉




Some of the positive qualities of Librans are:

  • civilized
  • elegant
  • charming
  • kind
  • gentle
  • lovers of beauty and harmony
  • sensitive to and understanding of emotional needs of others
  • diplomatic
  • even-tempered
  • energetic
  • trustworthy in dealing with other people’s money


Quite a list! I hope that I have these qualities!  Something I definitely agree with is that Librans detest conflict between people, cruelty and viciousness.  We also tend to compromise to our own detriment to maintain a relationship of any kind.


Something I question though is that Librans are apparently more artistic than intellectual. I’m not a craft-type person.  Can only draw a few things with some degree of skill.  Can’t paint anything artistic but I can paint a really straight line when painting rooms – no painters tape required with me!  My artistic ability has primarily been in the performing arts: dance, skating, planning events, etc. 


Faults include:

  • flirtatious – why is this a fault? Just need to be with a partner who understands and accepts that it’s just flirting
  • indecisive – yep…BUT, when we make a decision, we tend to be pretty stubborn about it.
  • impatient of routine (this is definitely NOT me! I LOVE routine!)
  • seldom angry when circumstances demand it but then can go into sudden storms of rage – how can we not if we spend our time balancing out everyone else’s emotions?


Have you checked your Astrological Sign? Does it fit your personality?


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