30 Days of Me – Day 5: Comfort Foods

Day 5 – Your favourite comfort foods and why

My favourite comfort foods depends on my mood. My daily “retreat” is a nice cup of chai – Starbucks chai latte, lactose-free, no water is the best, in my humble opinion. 


My go-to comfort food when stressed is Jalapeno Cheddar Doritos. When that craving gets too out of control though, I switch to carrots and spicy hummus.


My go-to comfort food that takes me back to my childhood is an old family recipe called “Elsie’s casserole”.  My great, great aunt “created” the recipe, from a time when measurements were in lbs…lbs of ground beef, lbs of sausage, lbs of spaghetti.  A whole bunch of yummy.


My go-to comfort food during the winter is a nice warm bowl of home-made veggie soup with garlic bread.


I think the comfort food that my kids will remember from their childhood is pumpkin loaf.  I have made it for them their entire lives, and whenever it’s baking, it feels like “home”.

What are your comfort foods?



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