30 Days of Me – Day 4: Religion…

Day 4 – Your views on religion

I don’t attend church.  In fact, before I got married, my dad was really upset that we weren’t going to get married in a church.  Everyone in the family had been married in a church so the same was expected of me.  I reminded dad that we don’t attend church and I respect the institution of church enough to not “lie” and pretend to be religious just to get married.  Having said that, we did have the minister of the local Anglican church marry us because he’s a family friend.


I believe in karma. I try to be a good example for my kids, but I also recognize that I’m “only human” and slip up some times.  I lost sight of karma before and during the end of my marriage but I’m working at it.


To ground me, I read a daily essay from a book called “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach almost every day before bed.  I also do a silent prayer to Spirit before going to sleep, stating what and who I’m thankful for that day, and asking Spirit for guidance or help for others.  I found these two things help calm my mind and ground me before going to sleep.

What are your religious views and beliefs?


One thought on “30 Days of Me – Day 4: Religion…

  1. I am Mormon, but I found long ago to accept people who believe differently. I like what you said about respecting the institution of church enough not to lie about believing in anything. I also believe that good things happen to good people, even if it takes awhile, and eventually the bad people get what is coming to them… but I also believe anyone can change. Thanks for sharing your day 4 with us (@rsmstahley)

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