30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

Randomosity started a “30 day blog challenge”. I followed a couple blogs participating in the challenge in August and waited patiently to start on September 1st as I’m a bit neurotic about wanting to start on the first of the month and thankfully, September has 30 days.

Starting today, I will be answering prompts every day so please check back often for my latest ramblings.


Day 1 – Your current relationship. If single, discuss being single.

Legally, I’m separated and have been for a year and a half.  I prefer referring to my relationship status as “single” as I don’t like “separated” or “divorced”.  To me, both terms scream “failure” and I prefer to start an introduction in a positive manner.

I am partnered with someone very special, but want to give him the privacy to deny all knowledge of me and my crazy little family, should he choose…LOL!


4 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

  1. I totally know what you mean about it sounding like “failure” — that’s how I felt at first. Although I’m still not totally comfortable saying divorced; I don’t stumble across it either. Good luck with the blog challenged. I still haven’t made it through one… what a good idea to start on the first of September. (I wish I had thought of that. LOL)

    • Don’t get me wrong, I will be very happy when the divorce goes through though! 😉
      You can start the challenge any time…I’m just weird about starting on the 1st.

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