Newly Minted Member of “Hypocrites Anonymous”

The kids and I were driving today and after an ad on the radio for a diet company, my daughter said “Daddy didn’t have to go to them to get skinny.” What? Um? Huh?  She successfully pulled me out of whatever I was day dreaming about.


“Really? How did he do it, hunny?”


“He ate healthy food and started running.”


“Well that’s good.  Daddy got healthy.”




“Hunny, do you think you need to be skinnier?”  Oh please no, please no…you’re only 6!  I’ve always eaten in front of you, even when you were a baby to show that it’s okay for a girl to eat…


“No”  Phew!  Parenting pass! 


Then, out of nowhere, I asked the very insecure question… “Do you think Mommy is skinny?”  Parenting fail!


“Of course Mommy. You’re tall and skinny.”


Then, to my surprise, I actually felt relieved by her answer, and was surprised I even asked the question.  I am proud to be a woman who likes food (mmm…BBQ steak, potatoes and veggies), and am proud of my curves.  I don’t aim to be a size zero and know that I never will be.  Even when I modelled as a teenager, I was a size 6 with pretty much no body fat as I was a major athlete.  The modeling industry kept telling me to lose 5 – 15lbs, depending on who I was talking with, and I just looked at them and asked “from where?”.  They didn’t like that response.


So, here I am trying to raise kids to have a healthy view of food and body image, and yet I ask for validation that I’m “skinny”, and yet I’m not stick-thin.  Is there a “Hypocrite Anonymous” meeting I can attend?


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