Watching Them Do Their Thing

My daughter is the perfect combo of girlie girl and tomboy.  For example, today she wore a white dress with big pink flowers and a pink satin ribbon to play in the sand and water at the park (yes, it washes just fine or it would have magically disappeared a long time ago).  Yesterday, she picked up a frog without hesitation to show it to the smaller kids at the park. The bigger kids all started with a huge chorus of “ewww!!!”. She gave me this look that said “What? Why are they all grossed out?”.  I chuckled at the situation and asked her to put the frog down away from the other kids so no one stepped on it.


Among other things, my son loves seeing the world through a lens.  Whenever he can get his hands on my Blackberry, he’ll activate the camera even though I keep the key pad locked when I’m not using it, and look through the screen to see what’s right in front of him.  The look of wonder and analysis on his face is amazing and I just love watching him.  If you try to take a picture of him, he’ll wait for the “click” and then come over and pull your hand with the camera in it so he can see the screen to look at the picture – which isn’t a problem with inexpensive cameras, except when you are with a professional photographer – no hunny, you will NOT touch his camera for fear of your life!


This morning, I particularly loved just watching them play in, around and on the fort my daughter built in our living room.  Extra cute quotient was when my daughter referred to her fort as a hammock when she was lying on top of the sheet, or when my son was lying with his Scooby under a duvet in the middle of the fort. They looked ready for bedtime, all cuddled up together.

I love watching my kids do their thing.


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