ABCs of Me, Without Prompts


Yesterday, I posted “ABCs of Me, With Prompts”. Today I wanted to do it without prompts.


A – Autismis at the forefront of my life

B – Brother. I have one brother, who will always be my “little brother” even though he’s 4 or 5” taller than me, and I’m 5’10”!

C – Chai. Starbucks Tall/Grande Chai latte, no water, lactose-free milk. Period.

D – Daughter. Everyone comments immediately when meeting us how much she looks like me. Now that we are reconnecting with childhood friends of mine, they are amazed when they see her.

E – Extreme coupon wannabe. Getting coupons is easy, it’s getting coupons for specific items that I’m still working on.

F – Former fundraiser. Yup, people paid me to talk, attend events and ask for money for great causes – there’s no better job, in my humble opinion.

G – Green. My favourite colour.

H – Free Healthcare. See “I” why this is so important to me. I love living inCanada!

I – Intensive Behavioural Intervention Therapy. My son will be starting this therapy next month. 21 hours per week for at least a year of therapies specially designed for him.

J – Journaling. Started journaling when my marriage was ending. Interesting to hear the person I used then vs now, as the “audience” was different then (are you reading between the lines here?).

K – Knitting. I leaned how to knit last year and surprised my parents with a knitted blanket for the couch. Neither of them could believe I had made it.

L – Pumpkin Loaf. My kids have grown up eating this and everyone I know asks me to bring it to every potluck, even those that hate pumpkin.

M – Mabel’s Labels. No idea what I would do without them.

N – Not married. Well, legally I still am, but in my mind, I’m not, and am I’m proud of it.

O – Outgoing. I’m most comfortable and get my energy by being around others.

P – Potty training…the bane of my existence for many years: 6 years of diapers and counting. Ugh.

Q – Favourite quote: “You never know how strong you are, until you have to be.”

R – Redhead. And damn proud of it!

S – Son. My son is my biggest teacher. I’m fascinated with trying to figure out how Autism makes him think and see the world.

T – TWINS! I have the most amazing 6 year old twins.

U – Uterine Fibroid. SSOOOO glad it’s finally been removed.

V – Vacation. So need one. ‘Nuff said.

W –Writing. I’ve discovered in the last couple of years how much I love writing, whether it’s fundraising proposals like I used to do when I worked outside the home, or blogging.

X – Xylophone. I saw the Hamilton Orchestra perform earlier this year and was amazed by the xylophone for some reason, whereas usually I don’t even notice the instrument.

Y – Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for about 15 years off and on (more “off” than “on” but I digress).  Started doing it at home with my daughter the other day and we’re planning on doing it regularily with my videos. 

Z – Ziploc bags. No idea what I would do without them.




4 thoughts on “ABCs of Me, Without Prompts

  1. Amen for free health care and ziploc bags! 🙂
    I taught myself how to crochet last year (thanks youtube!) and it’s been a great relaxing hobby. I made an autism themed lap blanket that I’m donating to my boys’ school.
    Good luck with IBI!!! I’ve heard great things about the program 🙂

  2. What a Wonderful List! I like your V and Z answers SO much better than MINE! lol ( So..I noticed your post on Twitter…so I honestly don’t remember is that’s where I found you, or if I found you via Voiceboks or FB first. lol. But I’m glad I did.

    Congrats on learning to Knit! That one still has me a big nervous, so I’m sticking with just crocheting for a big longer.

    I Grew up a “red head”…It wasn’t the bright red, but it definitely had enough tints to get me called, “carrots” all growing up…or maybe that was my obsession with Anne of Green Gables…anyway. It’s darkened over the years, so it’s not so noticeable anymore…I’m a bit sad about that.

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