My Sexy Minivan Has Issues


I dread rainy days.  Not only is it grey and rainy outside, our “sexy minivan” doesn’t like the rain either.  When it starts to get humid outside, random lights on the access panel start up and disappear.  Then, when it’s actually raining, it likes to stall on us.  Honestly, I don’t blame it.  I would rather stay home and not move either when it’s raining.  This morning was one of those mornings.  It took us 20 mins to drive the 2 mins to drop my daughter off at French camp. 


Usually, the van stalls in the driveway so I was pleasantly surprised when I had no problem getting out of the driveway.  Premature thought that “hmmm, last week’s oil change must have fixed the problem”.  Silly me.


We made it down the driveway (I should clarify, it’s a *farm* driveway…long) and onto the road without stalling.  We skid a little bit on the road but I just thought it was the rain on the road.  Made it off of the main road and stall…grrr.  Tried to start it about half a dozen times over the next 10mins.  Nothing. 


Two parents from French camp stopped to see if we were okay – apparently it’s a good thing to be a redhead in a small town because, although there are MANY families in town with the same minivan as us, they knew it was me because of my red hair.  Rain came in my window when I spoke with the parents so I took out the paper towel roll (yes, I keep a paper towel roll in my vehicle…I’m weird), and wiped down the inside of the driver’s side door.  My daughter jumped into action.  “Mommy, can I clean with you?” (she’ll help EVERY ONE else clean EXCEPT for me…go figure).  Absolutely!  So, we spent the next 5 mins or so getting paper towel wet outside, and wiping down the inside of the mini van, collecting garbage, and I wiped down the inside of the windshield with a cloth I have in the car too.


Happily, after cleaning, the mini van started and we were off to camp.  Great way to distract the kids AND we tidied up the inside of the mini van too.


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