One Good Deed At A Time

Just discovered through the Yummy Mummy Club that Energizer has teamed up with a Canadian charity called Evergreen and is starting a new program called Now That’s Positive Energy.  The goal is to inspire moms to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. 

Obviously I wanted to sign up for this, so I took the pledge.  I was pleasantly surprised that, of the 16 good deeds, the kids and I already do 13 of them daily or as often as possible!  Of the three we don’t do, it’s because we don’t have “control” of that item in our current living situation.  One, I have complete control over and am pledging to you that I will start to unplug my cell phone charger and computer right now (ok, not the computer until I’m done with it!).

My favourite good deed that IS on the Now That’s Positive Energy list is:

“I will tell my kids how much I love them”

Upon reflection, I realized that there are some more things we do in our family that aren’t on the list, such as:

  • compost and recycle
  • keep our blinds closed during hot summer days to keep sunlight out, therefore not needing to use air conditioning as often
  • plan our driving trips to be as time- and gas-efficient as possible
  • use fabric/recyclable bags when going shopping (well, as often as I remember to keep them in the car anyway!)
  • “containerized” school and work lunches
  • pay attention to how much packaging is used for products we buy
  • reuse as much as possible, such as empty tissue boxes as storage containers
  • use the library
  • be kind with each other (we all slip up, especially near the end of the day when we are tired and cranky but we all say please, thank you, excuse me, etc)

There are many more and I could go on for days, but I will close by just asking, what good deeds have you done today to help your family?  Your neighbours?  Your community?  The environment?


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