Proud of My Stretch Marks

I caught The Talk for the first time last week.  Have always wanted to check it out but was never able to watch during the day.  That day though, my daughter was at camp and my son fell asleep for a little nap … for the first time in years!


When I tuned in, they were talking about stretch marks from pregnancy.  The guest host of the day (Pat something…don’t know who she is and couldn’t find information on the website unfortunately), mentioned that she was proud of her pregnancy stretch marks because they are her “tattoo”.  Ahh, a woman after my own heart!


I’m adopted so my mom doesn’t have pregnancy stretch marks, and I do, yet we are both moms.  While my girlfriends were all going to their moms, asking questions about pregnancy, my mom and I learnt about pregnancy together, which (I don’t think I ever told her) was really cool – thanks mom! 🙂


When you’re pregnant with twins and you make it to 30 weeks, you go to the obgyn every week for a check up.  One of those appts, my (now ex-) husband couldn’t make the appt (for the record, that had nothing to do with why we are now split!), and neither could my mother so my poor dad had to come with me…just in case…


The night before my appointment, I had asked mom if dad would be “ready” to see his “little girl” with pregnancy stretch marks.  Her response was “well, it had to happen eventually for him to see some!”.  LOL!!!



He was surprised how long we had to wait to see my obgyn, to which I reminded him that we just had to be patient and wait because, in a few weeks, I’ll be the one making her late for other women who were pregnant.  So, he chatted up all the staff (as per usual) and eventually we went into the little room for my appointment. 


Prior to the obgyn appt, I had my last ultrasound during my pregnancy where dad would have seen my pregnancy stretch marks but he was in such awe watching the screen that there was no mention of them.  I loved watching the intrigue and fascination on his face.


So, at the end of the day, I am proud of my pregnancy stretch marks…my other stretch marks however…they can go away any time now!


4 thoughts on “Proud of My Stretch Marks

  1. Why should we mothers be ashamed of something like that. It “is” a tattoo. The tattoo of the life we’re carring inside. God love us for them. They are our badge of honor.

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