My “Understanding” of Current Events




Being a SAHM to 6 year old twins can be a bit isolating, especially when we just moved back to the family farm and one of my twins has Autism.  Having said that, one always needs to find humour or the positive in every situation so I thought I would share with the world my interpretation on current events.  Please note, pretty much the only sources of information for me is Facebook, Twitter, a music radio station we listen to in the car, and kids’ shows.  So, here are my ramblings without Googling the items first…



Norway – with the greatest respect, I know something horrible has happened but, couldn’t tell you any details other than people have died. 


RIM is laying off 2,000 people – so many families affected…wait, how big is this company?  Crap, I just upgraded to a Blackberry.


US Debt – ummm…how is this “news”?  Haven’t they always been in debt?


Somalia – what’s going on? I’m guessing it’s related to famine or AIDS.  Either way, it can’t be good.


Ontario weather – I’ve stopped checking the daily weather report.  It’s hot.  Hotter than hell.  High temperature plus humidity makes it about ten million.  Glad I have naturally straight hair.  Sorry curly or wavy haired girls…


Amy Winehouse died – too bad.  So young. Unfortunately, with the amount of partying she did, I’m not all that surprised…wait, how many times has she been in rehab?  Didn’t help her apparently.


Fabio has become the new Old Spice guy – he’s alive? I really need to see this!!


JLo & Marc Anthony split up – oh no! Another fellow family with twins bites the dust. So sad.



Oh Gawd.  I suck.  I really need to start paying more attention to the world outside of our little family but…wait, excuse me while I stop my son from pulling at the blinds again, and my daughter from climbing on the back of the couch again


However, I gave myself a little pat on the back this morning to discover that I was already following all but 3 of this week’s 20 Mommy Bloggers List from


I know. I need to get out more often.


2 thoughts on “My “Understanding” of Current Events

  1. Is it sad that reading this blog was the most news I’ve heard all week. We don’t pay for cable so….Amy Winehouse died huh? Norwegians and Somalians what happened to them? What does RIM do? Idid hear about JLo from a mag at the store lol. Iguess if it isn’t important to the fashion mags I wouldn’t know any current events, haha. Being a single SAHM I’m feeling isolated too but man who knew the world keeps turning :}.

    • Phew! I’m not the only one! If you click on the links I’ve provided for each item, you can read the actual news story. But wait…the world keeps turning???? 😉

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