“No Mosquitoes in my Underwear”, and Other Quotes

My 5yo daughter is the most quotable child I’ve ever met, so I thought I would share some on this rainy Hump Day…

  • Mommy, there are no mosquitos in my underwear” – to top it off, she was sad about this!
  • While holding up a piece of pepperoni… DD: “This is yummy, it reminds me of something I like”. Me: “Pepperoni?”. DD “No mom. I don’t like pepperoni.” Oh, okay…
  • God is two years old. She had her birthday yesterday.” Good to know.
  • Jesus and Yoda are both spirits. They are very powerful and nice.” In case you were wondering.
  • I’m the princess of this family.” Hmm, as her mother, does that make me Queen, or Ruler of the World?
  • God is a girl, and Spirit is Her boyfriend.” Good to know.
  • Boys have hair all over their bodies. Girls don’t. We have pretty skin.” The closest you’ll get to sex-ed from a 5yo I guess.
  • Do Bad Guys like carrots and hummus?” Anyone know?
  • I only want to eat 10 french fries so I don’t fill up my dessert stomach.” She has her priorities straight thankfully!
  • It’s not funny when people are naked…even birds”. Ummm…okay…

The best one that makes my heart melt though:

Mommy, do you know what I hate about you? NOTHING!”


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