Losing His First Tooth






I posted a blog called “Losing Her First Tooth” on Mom Nation today, and right after hitting “publish”, I checked my DS’s teeth to see if he had any loose, only to find that he had lost the exact same tooth as DD!


DS was eating rice cakes (sundried tomato and basil – they are great with melted cheese too…just saying!) and, when I went to check if any teeth were loose, I was surprised to find one missing, then my mini-panic started. Did he swallow the tooth? Is it on/in the couch somewhere? Rice cakes can be messy and there were rice cake “droppings” everywhere. I called DD over from the neighbour’s to help me look for it. DS walked over, picked up a white fleck and handed it to me. It was his tooth! Pretty amazing connection for him! (He has Autism).


He’s been touching the area on his gums a bit, but still continues to eat his rice cakes. I’ve talked with him about how it’s even more important that we brush his teeth every single day (it used to be a huge fight – now, there’s resistance, but he does it) because a grown-up tooth will grow into that hole where the baby tooth was.


My “little man” is growing up!


2 thoughts on “Losing His First Tooth

  1. I can’t wait until my son loses a tooth (he’s 4 now). Well truthfully I am a little nervous, wondering if I’ll get grossed out or not. Lol. We haven’t taken him to the dentist yet but I found this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/). It’s a great resource for kids of all ages.

    • I was fine with it, but what does gross me out is if it needs to be “helped” to fall out. That’s where I draw the line! Thanks for sharing the link.

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