Extreme Couponing Wannabe

I was planning on going to be relatively early last night but made the mistake of checking Twitter first. Someone tweeted about Extreme Couponing being on TLC…damn. Another hour of my life disappeared. I’ll admit it…I’m an extreme coupon wannabe.

I experience a type of “high” when watching these people on Extreme Couponing as the cash register rings in hundreds of dollars and all those coupons bring the price down to 0% – 10% of the actual retail value. What drives me crazy though is that the only way it seems to be able to do that kind of extreme couponing, one has to live in the US. Grrr.

My couponing experience has been very slow, but I’m trying to change that. When my kids were born, I was found out there is a “VIB – Very Important Baby” points program at Shoppers Drug Mart. It increases the points available for items purchased for babies and moms, which was VERY handy when buying diapers for twins! The points system was so good when the kids were born that I would guess for the first couple of years, I had enough points after almost every transaction to get free products when I redeemed the points. Shoppers Drug Mart changed the point system late last year, so one has to buy more to redeem points, but I just save up the points for when money is tight.

Last Christmas was my first Christmas as a single mom. Knowing I couldn’t afford many presents at full retail price, I went searching on Kijiji.ca for items I knew my kids would like…and it worked! I spent less than $100 on gifts for my 5yo twins and Christmas decorations, plus gas to pick everything up (which wasn’t as expensive in December!). The Christmas tree was beautifully decorated, gifts were aplenty without being extravagant, and the kids were not impacted by the reduced income in our home so we were able to enjoy the time together.

I have used Save.ca and Websaver.ca sporadically over the years, but whenever I went online to find other similar websites, I was frustrated with the MAJORITY of online coupon websites only being valid in the US. Then I found Extreme Couponing Mom on Facebook! I’m totally addicted to checking her posts on Facebook, and going through everything on her website. I’ve even ordered her e-book and binder kit (which includes more coupons) and am so looking forward to receiving both! I think the last time I was this excited about having purchased something was when I ordered labels from Mabel’s Labels!

I don’t have the space for the stockpiles the families on TLC’s Extreme Couponing have, but if I can save money each week, it goes a really long way for my kids and I.

(PS – I wasn’t paid for any of these mentions…I just really like sharing when I find great products and services!!)


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