I’ve written a few different blogs over the past couple of years, very topic-specific. For the last year and a half, I have found myself as a SAHM to my beautiful 5 year old twins, boy/girl. Always knew that being a SAHM was the toughest job in the world, but I didn’t realize it was this tough! As with any job, there are good days and bad days, highs and lows. The great thing about twins though is that there may be double the mess but there’s also double the hugs and kisses…which are the greatest payment one can receive.

So, while I’m muddling my way through being chef (trust me, I use that term lightly!), laundromat, cleaner (another lightly used term), personal assistant, “doctor mom”, chauffeur, coach, social calendar manager, educational consultant, Autism advocate, and many other roles I’m discovering every single day, I thought I would share my madness with the world. So…hold on tight!



There’s two to wash, there’s two to dry
There’s two that argue, there’s two who cry

One’s in the mud having a ball
The other holds a crayon, another marked wall

Some days seem endless
My patience wears thin
Why was I chosen to be a mother of twins?

The answer comes clear at the end of each day
As I tuck them in bed, I say to myself:
There’s two to kiss
There’s two to hug
But best of all there’s two to love


6 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re here (again) and I’ve subscribed. Aaaand…I really like this template…I liked it a lot when I used it too. 😉

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